Summer, Summer, Summer Time

As July is coming to a close, we are knee-deep into summer activities. We’ve gotten through end of school year programs, specifically junior and senior proms and high school graduations, and 4th of July. There have been adult and kids’ birthday parties, white parties, rooftop parties, and countless BBQ’s. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as being too busy to forget that you’re a widow. And if you’re fresh to the journey, your new status is likely at the forefront of your mind. Below are 7 Tips to For Living with Grief in the Summertime, courtesy of

  1. Know that for most people, grief is a common
    reaction to loss, and it does pass with time.
    The second year may be easier, and people
    usually begin to enjoy again the activities that
    were special to them before their loss

2. Try the things you enjoyed previously in summer and see if they’re a good fit—or are still
too painful. If you once liked to kayak or play
cards or go out for a fish fry in the summer,
give it a go. You may be surprised to find that
it’s comforting.

3. Go outside, if possible. A dose of sunshine and
vitamin D helps people cope with stress.

4. Try doing your favorite activities in a new way
that honors or remembers the person who
died. Be intentional and purposeful. If you
loved fishing with your dad who has passed
away, plan a fishing trip in his memory this

5. Try new summer activities and create new
traditions—if you are ready.

6. When a child is grieving, they may feel guilty
about enjoying summer break; remind them
it’s OK to have fun and enjoy life after a death.
It can also be helpful to stick to a routine so
there’s less unstructured time in their day,
and do things that bring happy memories to
mind, such as making their loved one’s
favorite meal.

7. Find others who share your experience.
Many churches, hospices and other health
care agencies offer free grief support groups
that may help.

Our hope is that these tips provide some helpful option!



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Contemporary women's fiction author sharing her life with others the best way she knows how.

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